"Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces"
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5 things you should know about spray foam insulation

Many home-owners up and down the country are choosing to protect and improve the overall quality of their residences with spray foam insulation. Are they making the right choice?

Here are five things that you should know about it before you make a decision.


1. It makes your home more energy efficiency and saves you money

Spray foam insulation could help you save up to 50% off your annual energy bills. How? Buildings that have been insulated with foam require less energy to heat and they also retain that heat far more effectively. This means, for example, that you don’t have to turn the radiators on as often or for as long as you used to.

Drawing showing where air escapes in a home
These are the most common ways that air escapes in a home taking the heat with it!


2. It’s sound proof

Spray foam can help sound proof your home by completely filling and sealing cracks and openings. For this reason it also keeps out wanted guests like ants, other insects and even rodents.

3. It can be used on almost any dwelling

One of the most common questions we get asked is if spray foam is only suitable for new builds. Not at all. The beauty of the product is that is can work for everything from a modest bungalow to a cow-shed. We’ve in this in this industry a long time and can spray foam onto just about type of surface and any building.

Take a look at some of the different types of projects we’ve completed here.

4. It can improve the quality of the air in your home

By reducing the amount of outside allergens that can infiltrate your home, spray foam actually improves the air inside. Spray foam is also moisture resistant, protecting your home from the potential damage caused by flooding and leaks. It can even help save your home from the perils of mold and mildew.

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5. It’s quick

We can spray your home with foam in far less time than it would take to carry out other construction work. Traditional insulation materials can take weeks to be correctly installed. We will be in and out within a matter of days. Not only that but you and your family will begin to feel the benefits immediately.

Foam insulation being sprayed

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

We are vastly experienced in this industry and have seen and done it all.

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Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces