"Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces"
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Cavity Wall Injection Foam

Cavity wall injection foam is injected into the wall cavity through 10mm holes . It is injected as liquid and slowly expands to spread and fill the cavity to form a solid mass of insulation. It is suitable for use in empty or partial fill cavity wall. In cavity wall where aero board is fitted the injection foam slowly expands to push the aero board against the inner leaf and fills the remaining cavity increasing thermal performance eliminating draughts and air leakage. For more information on Cavity Wall Injection contact us.

Advantages of cavity wall injection foam:

  • It will not settle or move over time
  • It will perform for the lifetime of the building
  • It will not sustain fungi or mould growth
  • It will increase BER rating
  • Offers better U values
  • It is a vapour and air barrier

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Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces