"Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces"
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Dormers. Anyone who lives in a poorly insulated dormer house will tell you how hard it is to heat and how quickly the heat escapes the house when the heating system is turned off. Making what is a great design and perfect use of unwanted attic space to live in not only costly but very uncomfortable. Remember you now have bedrooms and habitable space in what was your cold attic.

Typically dormers will be insulated between the floor joists, between timbers in the stud wall and across the ceiling with fibre glass or products that allow huge amount of air or heat pass through them with no attention given to the wind blowing through the soffits and facia board and right into your living space, under floors, under skirting boards and through access panels.


By using spray foam insulation in the crawl spaces, stud walls and behind sloping sections of plasterboard the dormer house becomes comfortable warm space in the winter or during high winds. Because spray foam is sprayed as a liquid it expands and seals every nook and crevice to prevent cold air entering the dormer and stopping heat escaping.

The benefits of open cell breathable spray foam can be felt all over the house and not just for a while because open cell spray foam will not sink, sag or settle over time the benefits are for the life time of the building. With our specialty tools and equipment the work is carried out with minimum distribution to the house without taking down plaster boards.

Do you live in a Dormer style home, does this sound familiar?

Can you feel the draught coming down the stairs?
The doors rattle during high winds?
You can feel the breeze under the skirting boards?
Can’t keep the heat in the house?
As soon as you turn the heating off the heat leaves the house?

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Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces