"Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces"
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Existing dormer bungalow insulated with spray foam

This existing dormer bungalow insulated with spray foam. Dormer style home has two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. It was badly insulated with the wrong materials for this type of house and when the heating was turned off the living space upstairs got cold quickly. The old fiber used to insulate this home is not airtight and shrank over time by having to leave the soffets open at wall plate level when using fiber the wind and cold entered the living space making it hard to heat as well as expensive to heat. During the winter months the bedrooms and bathroom were to cold and in summer to warm.We sprayed open cell foam on to the wall plate up to the felt sealing the gaps ,we then sprayed from the wall plate up to the living space stud walls between rafters from the crawl spaces. Using a special tip we sprayed between the plasterboard slab and felt at sloping level to the collier tie. From the attic above the living space we sprayed from collier tie between rafters up to the ridge board. In one day we completely sealed and insulated the entire roof.  This home is now warmer more comfortable and will cost less to heat. During the summer months the upstairs will be cooler. Spray foam insulation contains no harmful chemicals no hfcs or blowing agents. Open cell is 100% breathable but airtight and will last for the life time of the building it is installed in. Our foam is certified to spray on to breathable and non breathable felts and will not damage a roof in any way.









Spray Foam enhances the comfort and livability of occupied spaces